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The PADI AWARE Specialty course is designed for divers passionate about marine conservation and interested in playing an active role in protecting aquatic environments. This specialty course educates divers on the importance of marine ecosystem health, the challenges it faces, and practical ways divers can contribute to its preservation. By integrating diving activities with environmental conservation, the PADI AWARE Specialty course offers a unique opportunity to become an informed and responsible diver, committed to making a positive impact on the underwater world.


Course Objectives and Structure

The course structure combines knowledge development with practical conservation activities, providing divers with a comprehensive understanding of marine conservation issues and solutions.


Knowledge Development

Participants will engage in interactive sessions that cover a wide range of topics, including the importance of marine ecosystems, the impact of human activities on aquatic life, and the role of divers in conservation efforts. This theoretical foundation is crucial for understanding the global and local challenges facing marine environments and how individual actions can make a difference.


Conservation Activities

The practical component of the course involves participation in conservation activities tailored to the local marine environment. These may include underwater cleanups, coral reef monitoring, or participation in citizen science projects. These activities not only provide hands-on experience in marine conservation but also illustrate the direct impact divers can have on environmental preservation.



Upon completing the course, participants will earn the PADI AWARE Specialty certification, recognizing their knowledge and commitment to marine conservation. This certification not only enhances a diver's credentials but also symbolizes their dedication to protecting the underwater world and advocating for sustainable diving practices.

PADI Aware

  • What's Included

    • eLearning.
    • A practical classroom workshop.
  • Course Requirements

    • Anyone of any age may participate in this course
  • What's Next?

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