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The PADI ReActivate Scuba Review program is specially designed for certified divers who have not dived in over 6 months and are looking to refresh their skills and knowledge to safely return to diving. Whether you've been away from the sport for just a few months or over a year, our ReActivate program offers the flexibility to choose between a review session with or without eLearning. We highly recommend the eLearning option for those who haven't dived in more than a year, ensuring a comprehensive refresher of diving principles and safety guidelines.


Course Structure

The ReActivate program provides a personalised approach to review and update your diving knowledge and skills, featuring both theoretical refreshment and practical skills review, tailored to your level of experience.


Knowledge Refreshment

The optional ReActivate eLearning session allows you to revisit fundamental diving principles, safety guidelines, and updated practices at your own convenience. This online review is particularly beneficial for divers who have been inactive for an extended period, ensuring a thorough understanding of current diving standards.


Practical Skills Review

At the heart of the program is the confined open water review, where one of our PADI Professionals will guide you through the skills necessary for a safe return to diving. This session is customised to your current qualification level and starts with reviewing key skills. The rest of the session is tailored the review to areas you wish to improve or develop further, ensuring you regain comfort and proficiency underwater.


Additional Details

  • Medical Form: Participants are required to complete a medical form prior to the session to ensure fitness for diving. Click here to download.
  • Terms and Conditions: Divers must agree to our terms and conditions before participating in the program. Click here.


Following the confined water review, you have the option to join us for some open water diving. This consists of two shore dives completed on the same day, allowing you to apply your refreshed skills in an open water environment.



Participants that select the elarning option will receive an eCard with a "ReActivated" date upon completion, signaling your updated and refreshed diving status.

ReActivate - Scuba Review

PriceFrom £30.00
  • Course Requirements

    • Be at least 10 years of age.
    • Be able to swim.
    • Be in good physical health.
    • Be accompanied by a parent or guardian if under the age of 16.
    • Complete a Medical Statement. (Click here to download) If you need to answer ‘yes’ to any question medical clearance will be needed from your GP prior to diving.
    • Agree to our terms and conditions.  (Click here)
  • What's included?

    • Maximum of 2 divers per Instructor. Pool session on a Tuesday at 6:30 pm or Saturday at 12 noon
    • Full kit hire. (You will need to bring a towel, swimming costume, T shirt and shorts for a pool session.)
  • What's next?

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