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The PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty course is designed for divers seeking to enhance their underwater navigation skills, enabling more confident and efficient exploration of aquatic environments. This course offers the knowledge and practice necessary to master the art of underwater navigation, including the use of natural cues and compass directions to guide your dives.


Course Aims and Structure

This course is structured to develop your navigation skills through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical underwater exercises, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and application of navigation techniques.


Knowledge Development

Participants will commence with a knowledge development session, which introduces the principles of underwater navigation. You will learn about the challenges of navigating underwater, the importance of environmental awareness, and how to apply natural navigation techniques alongside compass navigation. This theoretical foundation is critical for understanding the complexities of orientation beneath the surface.


Practical Application

The practical aspect of the course involves a series of underwater navigation dives, where you will apply the concepts learned during the knowledge development sessions. You will practice:

  • Methods for estimating distance underwater.
  • Navigating using natural landmarks and compass directions.
  • How to mark or relocate a submerged object or position from the surface.
  • Underwater map making.


These exercises are designed to build your confidence and proficiency in underwater navigation, enabling more enjoyable and purposeful dives.



Upon successful completion of the course, participants earn the PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty certification. This certification recognises your ability to effectively navigate underwater, enhancing your diving experiences and expanding the types of dives you can confidently undertake.

Underwater Navigator

  • What's Included

    •  eLearning 
    • A classroom session to prepare you for your open water dives
    • 2 days open water diving
  • Course Requirements

    • Be at least 10 years of age
    • Be at least a qualified PADI Open Water Diver
    • Be in good physical health
    • Completed medical form (Click here)
    • Agree to out terms and conditions (Click here)
  • What's Next?

    If you’re interested in becoming an Underwater Navigator, you might also be interested in our RNLI Sea Survival Speciality (here), Delayed SMB Speciality (here) or Search and Recovery Speciality (here).

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